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Summary of Town Hall Meeting - November 18, 2017
Posted on Nov 22nd, 2017

Summary of CLCA Town Hall Meeting  -  Saturday, November 18, 2017



A Town Hall Meeting was conducted at The Landing on Saturday morning.  It was attended by approximately 80 residents, the CLCA Board of Directors, and CLCA Staff.


The process consisted of taking input from individual residents, recording that input, and then responding to it.  This memo seeks to summarize these proceedings.


Questions Presented and Responded To Follow:


Q:  What is our five year plan?


A:  The short answer is “being developed”.  Principles involved in the process of development might include the vision or concept of our home values increasing faster than those of surrounding neighborhoods.  In fact, we were at the bottom of the heap in 2016.  For the first 8 ½ months of 2017, not considering two foreclosures, we were at the top of the standings!  This tells us that the Landing and related amenity ownership is favorably driving our home values! Plan A is to successfully integrate these assets into the fabric of our neighborhood tapestry!  Part of this integration process will likely involve operation as a semi-private club, becoming a go-to location for events, supporting thriving tennis, sailing and swim programs, and creating other resident benefits such as vouchers, special community events, small clubs, and other social activities.


Payment for this is likely to involve assessment (dues) increases, perhaps as many as three in five years.  This would take our assessments from the current level of $116 for a single home to a little over $150 per month by 2022.  Based on other comparable community assessments, in our opinion, this would represent a pretty good value.


Q:  What would these assessment (dues) increases be used for?


A:  We drew down our cash by nearly a million dollars in the past fifteen months.  The down payment for the property purchase was $200k and the loan origination fee and the refurbishing cost for the building and pool approached $800k.  One assessment increase goes to pay off the American National Bank loan, which will be $1,654,854.94 on January 2, 2018.  One to two assessment increases go to building reserves back to an acceptable level, depending on how fast we wish to accomplish this.  A step in the right direction has been the recent increase of monthly contributions from approximately $15k per month to more than $20k per month.  Another possible assessment increase will be used to subsidize Landing operations as necessary.   We will know more about this possibility by the end of 2017, but it looks that might be the case.


Q:  Why not sell assets and pay down debt?


A:  We view professional restaurant management as Plan B, and sale of assets as Plan C.  We view Plan A (above) as a very desirable goal, will work hard to succeed, and trust we will find Plans B and C unnecessary.


Q:  What should our Reserve Level be?


A:  At the time of our last reserve audit, we had $2+ million in assets and a target reserve level of $800k.  Now we have close to $5 million in assets and a likely reserve target of around $2 million.  A reserve audit will be conducted in 2018 and we will have a more precise number at its conclusion.


Q:  What about missing stuff from the Landing?


A:  We are tightening up our security procedures.  Steps taken include filing a theft complaint this week with RPD concerning the missing 70 inch TV.  The visit by Captain Ed Fowler and his associate on November 15 produced two useful ideas…one is a system of coding assets so that if they show up in a local pawn shop, RPD knows about it.  The second involves increased surveillance techniques.


Also, RPD Chief Riggs has been invited to our next Town Hall, perhaps conducted late first quarter of 2018.


Q:  Why should residents have to pay for use of the Landing facilities?


A:  Residents are not charged to use the Landing’s facilities, but a minimum purchase is required to cover expenses.  These expenses can vary with the size of party, date, time and room desired. Contact Melissa Kantorowski, Events Manager, and she will be happy to work with you for your special occasion.


Q:  Put a stake in the ground…when will we have a Landing Budget and be able to look at the budgets for both CLCA and the Landing?


A:  December 15, 2017.


Q:  Why do we not follow HOA law regarding Executive Sessions?


A:  Board President Dave Mallard and Senior Community Manager Teresa Lamb are intimately familiar with HOA law.  It is our intention to conduct lawful Executive Sessions, and we believe we do.  The applicable section of the law is Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code.


Q:  What are spending limits for CLCA and Landing personnel?


A:  The Community Manager, currently Teresa Lamb, and the Landing Manager, currently Yessica Valenzuela, can authorize or spend up to $1000.  During refurbishing of the Landing, Russ Martin and Mike Reid had authorization from the Board to spend up to $2500, four times (totaling up to $10,000).


Q:  Might we have one contact for the Landing?


A:  Mark Elliston is the President of the LLC.  Sandy Perry and Mike Reid are the other two managers responsible for LLC operations and will be helpful as well.


Q:  Why do we speak about the Landing as non-profit?


A:  This just means we are not paying a monthly fee to some professional restaurant management company to come in and run our restaurant for us.  We are not opposed to having the Landing make a profit, as it would take pressure off the need to increase assessments.


Q:  Why was RPD at the Landing at the time of the Halloween Party?


A:  The Security Report indicated that RPD was in and out that evening.  No RPD action other than their visit was noted in the security report. RPD is not required to share details of their visits with our security force and seldom does.  If more information comes to light, we will communicate it.


Q:  Was there a case of suspicious charges on a community credit or debit card?


A:  Yes, and we responded just as any individual would and disputed the charges.


Q:  Why don’t we have Landing personnel with more restaurant experience?


A:  Our first two restaurant managers had extensive experience but other events led to the position turning over.  Our current manager, Yessica Valenzuela, while young at 27, has had nearly 10 years of experience, the most recent of which has been in very high-class and well-established restaurants.  Further, we have been guided to an RPD officer with extensive restaurant experience who will work with us on security and may provide some other expertise as well.


Q:  Our bidding process seems to be laced with “good ol’ boy” contacts.


A:  We normally seek 3 bids for our work.  Some of these bids come from folks with whom our decision-makers have had some positive past experience.   We also screen some through the CAI directory (a professional association), again providing a reliable and proven list of candidates.  We don’t always select the lowest bid because reputation and experience enter into the decision-making process.


Q:  It is to our advantage to “put our residents’ butts in our Landing seats”!  How might we better do this?


A:  As previously mentioned, vouchers, promotions, discounts, clarity about residential policy for using Landing facilities, publicity, clubs, etc. have come up or will come up for consideration by Landing personnel.  All good ideas to consider in terms of how do we encourage more residential use of our restaurant building.


Q:  Do we need security?


A:  This question came up after the meeting but seems worthy of inclusion.  We benchmarked our operations recently with the Del Webb community in Frisco.  Their security costs are zero, and security is provided by the Frisco Police Department. Our security cost in the 2018 budget is $350k.   Elimination of the roving guard would save 1 ½ ten percent dues increases.  Total elimination would be worth about 3 ten percent dues increases.  We like our security and our residents like our security, so perhaps this is best placed in the Plan C category for the time being!


In closing, thank you for your input.  Thank you for your very fine decorum during our first town hall meeting in some time.  For those who could not attend, thank you for taking the time to read our summary.  Know that we value and honor your input, your experiences, your passion and dedication to making Chandlers be the community we all want it to be.  Or as the red cap of one of our residents expressed, let’s work together and “Make Chandlers Great Again!”  We are on our way, and pulling together, we can and will do it, folks!


 With sincere and profound appreciation,


The CLCA Board of Directors

 by Bruce Paton, CLCA Board Member

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