Committees & Volunteering

Please stop by the Association office to meet the staff, ask questions and get involved to help make our neighborhood an even better place to live. Here is a list of Chandlers Landing Committees:

Board of Directors

  • Greg DeMars, President
  • Jennifer Chury, Vice President
  • Lise' Lang, Secretary
  • Seth Cullen, Treasurer
  • Andrea Pixley, Asst. Treasurer
  • Rick Morrison, Director
  • Julie Spokes-Owen, Director

Architectural Control Committee (

  • Jeff Macalik - Chair - 972-771-6030
  • Kathy General - 972-896-9461
  • Kari Carrington - Secretary - 972-333-6585
  • Jan Self - 214-543-8332
  • John Lewis - EC Consultant - 972-771-9774
  • Chip Imrie 972-365-5308
  • Shelley Carstensen- Staff - 972-771-1593

Compliance Committee

  • Shelley Carstensen (staff) 972-771-1593
  • Zahya Hartani (staff)

Events Committee

  • Lauren Montoney - Chair - 214-564-6445
  • Amy Dwyer - 214-564-6672
  • Chelsea Stelte - 214-455-1590
  • Madison Hughes -  214-537-4336
  • Renee Fernandez - 219-688-2733
  • Amy Deaton - 972-839-5689
  • Ali Odom - 214-704-5390
  • Courtney Cook - 972-765-5459
  • Lise' Lang- Board Liaison - 972-413-0083

Kids Crew Committee

  • Dakota Douglas
  • Amanda Adrian
  • Erika Baxter

Communications Committee

  • Mark Stuertz - Chair - 
  • Evan Matteson - 214-405-3640
  • Amber Jones
  • Jennifer Chury - Board Liaison - 214-304-8355

Ponds Committee

  • Doug Proffer - Chair - 
  • Carol Proffer
  • Andy Kirk - 512-657-3613
  • Mark Stuertz - 214-929-4423
  • Linda Honeycutt - 972-979-1951 

Yard of the Month Committee

  • Judy Schoeneman - Co-Chair - 972-658-0887
  • Nancy Jennison - Co-Chair - 972-567-8846
  • Gail Miller - 972-998-1823
  • Lisé Lang - Board Liaison - 972-413-0083

Pool Committee


Disaster Management

  • Ben Northcutt - Program Coordinator

Fireworks Committee

  • Joe Lang - Chair - 972-415-7740

Welcome Committee

  • Sheri Stout - Chair-214-507-5194
  • Jenny Chury - Board Liaison - 214-304-8355 

Beautification Committee

  • Judy Schoeneman -Chair - 972-658-0887

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Chandlers Landing benefits greatly from neighborhood volunteers! Consider giving back to your neighbors!

Building strong community spirit "takes a village!" We have lots of needs and thankfully lots of volunteers. Anyone wishing to serve on a committee or that has a specific area in which they wish to volunteer should complete a Volunteer Form so we have a brief summary of your qualifications.  Thank you for your interest in serving.

Below you can learn about committees and activities in our community! If you are interested in starting a committee or in joining an existing committee, please contact CLCA Staff. If you simply have questions for one of the committees feel free to contact the Committee Chair more information.

  • Board of Directors - Exists to guide the operations of Chandlers Landing and serve as a decision point on many of the desires or needs that are presented by residents.
  • Architectual Control Committee - Exists to regulate the external design, appearance, use, location and maintenance of the properties including improvements in order to preserve and enhance values while maintaining harmonious relationships among structures, surrounding vegetation and topography. EC Committee Members also consider and act on proposals or plans submitted within accordance to CLCA Policies as well as adopt, amend or repeal Polices and establish and collect fees as provided by the Board. 
  • Compliance Committee - Exists to maintain standards and neighborhood impression as provided by our By-Laws and Master Declaration in order to strengthen property values throughout Chandlers Landing. 
  • Community Events Committee - Exists to provide Chandlers Landing residents with opportunities to get to know each other, spend time together and enjoy the many amenities of our neighborhood together. Are you the host with the most? Consider joining our Community Events Committee to pitch in with your planning skills and help execute fun events the whole community will enjoy.
  • Kids Crew Committee - Exists to promote children's activities and provide opportunities for parents and children to build friendships and community involvement, providing  neighborhood interaction and foster a thriving community spirit.
  • Communications Committee - Exists as the main source for providing and promoting general neighborhood information, events, updates, needs and alerts to residents via social media, email, quarterly neighborhood magazine, photos and videos.
  • Ponds Committee - Exists to preserve, beautify and enhance our four catch and release ponds throughout the neighborhood.
  • Yard of the Month Committee - Exists to promote and celebrate residents that have put forth effort to uphold neighborhood property values with excellent attention to detail in residential landscaping as well as spotlight annual holiday decor.
  • Pool Committee - Exists to ensure our two pools are furnished with proper furniture and equipment to promote enjoyment & beauty of our pools.
  • Fireworks Committee - Exists to raise funds to provide an awesome and "explosive" addition to our Chandlers Landing community events and holiday celebrations.
  • Welcome Committee - Exists to provide early introductions to Chandlers Landing and answer questions new residents may or may not know to ask. Help our new neighbors get acquainted with our community by joining the welcome committee. Stop by to say “hello” to newcomers and drop off helpful information about the association.