Chandlers Landing Tennis Program

For information regarding membership please contact:

Chandlers Landing Marina972-771-8865

OFFICIAL Chandlers Landing Social Media

*Note: A group on Facebook called "Friends of Chandlers" is NOT an official Chandlers Landing social media group even though it often presents itself as such. In review, up to 50% or more of the members are NOT residents of Chandlers Landing and their views and conversational habits often do not represent those of the majority of the neighborhood.

City of Rockwall Utilities and Services

Animal Control - 972-771-7750

Administration - 972-771-7700

Code Enforcement - 972-771-7790

Crime Prevention - 972-771-7765

Fire Department - 972-771-7770

Municipal Court - 972-771-7788

Police Department - 972-771-7721

Utility Department - 972-771-7736

EMS - 972-772-0911

Trash Collection 

  • Trash collection days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Recycling is also on Fridays.
  • Bulk trash is scheduled for the second and fourth Monday of each month.
  • Bulk trash items may be placed on your property near a curb, but not in the street, no earlier than the Saturday before the designated bulk trash Monday. Do not place any trash on streets, lots or common areas at any time.

Rockwall County Emergency Medical Services - 972-772-0911

CALL 911 in Case of Emergency

Rockwall Chamber of Commerce972-771-5733

Rockwall County, Texas972-204-6000

101 E. Rusk Street, Rockwall, Texas 75087

Rockwall County Library

Rockwall Independent School District

Dorothy Smith Pullen Elementary - 972-772-1177

6492 FM 3097 (Horizon), Rockwall, TX 75032

Maurine Cain Middle School - 972-772-1170

6620 FM 3097 (Horizon), Rockwall, TX 75032

Rockwall-Heath High School - 972-772-2474

801 Laurence Drive, Heath, TX 75032

The Harbor

Community Associations Institute