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  • Are commercial or recreational vehicles allowed?
    No. Trailers, boats, jet skies, campers or otehr recreational vehicles and commercial vehicles may not be kept in the driveway, street, yard or commmon areas.
    Please call or email Security at 972-771-3061 in advance to request a variance for special circumstances.
  • Can I park overnight on the street?
    No overnight street parking is allowed. Resident vehicles must be parked inside your garage, in your driveway or in designated parking spaces or areas.
    A Guest Pass must be obtained for guest vehicles to park on the street overnight.
    Please see the CLCA Vehicle Policy for further information.
  • Can we have garage sales?
    No.  Community Yard Sales are held in April and October in the neighborhood at individual homes.  Residents may participate by signing up and following these guidelines.
  • Do dogs have to be leashed?
    Yes, animals shall not be a nuisance or hazard and dogs must be on a leash when off owner's property.
  • Does the Chandlers Landing Community Association also manage the condominiums?
    No, the condominiums located at Cutter Hill and Spyglass Hill are not managed by the CLCA. Residents of the condos do have access to amenities.
    Please contact the following persons regarding questions about your condominium association.
    Cutter Hil Phase I & II - Rhonda Wright - 972-201-8232
    Cutter Hill Phase III - Principal Management - 214-468-4030
    Spyglass Hill Phase I - Sherry Tulk - 214-649-4995
    Spyglass Hill Phase II & III - Phil Bishop - 972-333-0178
    Spyglass Phase II is no longer a part of CLCA and does not have access to amenities.  
  • How do I get automatic access to the community?
    There are three ways for residents to access the community.
    North Texas Toll Tag: This is the recommended method to access the community. The NTTA tags can be programmed to work with our gate system. To open an account you can visit the CLCA Office. Credit card customers are required to make an initial payment of $40 and can have three toll tags on this account. Toll tag account holders must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.

    Residents can continue to use the old hard case Smart Tags until they become non-operational, at which time they can purchase a NTTA tag.
    Family Passes will no longer be valid to access the community. 

    Residents who are renting property in Chandlers Landing will have the NTTA tag expire on the last day of their lease. Residents who abuse the use of the NTTA tag are subject to having the tag/card invalidated for use at our gates.

    Manual Log In: Residents not having either a NTTA tag or Smart Tag must stop at the Main Gate and register with Security.

    All residents entering the community must display a current CLCA window decal available in the Association Office. 
  • How do I make a tennis court reservation?
    Call or email the Association office at 972-771-1593 or Main Gate at 972-771-3061. Reservations may be made no more than two days in advance. Please see the Community Tennis Court Rules.
  • What are the Community Pool hours?
    Pool hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days per week during summer season. Please review the rest of the pool rules.
  • What are the contractor work hours?
    The contractor work hours for the community are:
    • Monday - Friday:  7:00 am to 6:00 pm
    • Saturday:  9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    No contractor work is permitted on Sundays or the following holidays:
    • New Years Day -  January 1st  
    • Memorial Day -  Last Monday of May
    • Independence Day - July 4th
    • Labor Day -  First Monday of September
    • Thanksgiving Day  - Fourth Thursday of November
    • Christmas Day - December 25th
  • What are the current monthly assessment fees?
    House - $127.00
    Vacant Lot - $31.75
    Condo Inside Perimeter - $93.00
    Condo Outside Perimeter - $44.00
    Effective January 1, 2018
  • What are the work hours for owner/occupants?
    Owner-occupants serving as their own contractor for approved minor remodeling, exterior refinishing or similar interior remodeling projects are not limited by the CLCA work hours if the work they are performing during these times is done personally without paid assistance.  However, noise producing equipment and tools may not be used if they create a nuisance.
  • What is the address, phone number and hours for the Association office?
    For your convenience, the CLCA office is located on-site by the Main Entrance off of Ridge Road and Henry M. Chandler Drive.
    Chandlers Landing Community Association
    PO Box 638
    Rockwall, TX 75087
    Physical Address:
    #1 Commodore Plaza
    Rockwall, TX 75032
    Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
    Phone: 972-771-1593
    Fax: 972-771-1634
  • What is the number for the Main Gate Security?
    Please notify security if you need a parking variance, would like to be placed on the Call First List or are expecting a number of guests, ie. a party. or to request extra patrols of your property while you are on vacation.
    MAIN GATE -972-771-3061
  • What is the phone number for the marina?
    One Harborview Drive
    Rockwall, TX 75032
  • What is the speed limit in Chandlers?
    Observe posted 25 MPH speed limits and other traffic signs for everyone's safety. Speeding is radar controlled by Security personnel; as well as with use of digital speed device.
  • What kind of projects need approval in advance?
    Generally, homeowners must have prior approval from the CLCA for any additions or changes made to a home exterior or to yard areas, including major landscaping, paint colors, fences, decks, pools, retaining walls, etc.
    Please refer to the following guide and Application for Improvement.
  • What kind of signs are allowed?
    For Sale or Lease metal step in frame signs are allowed. Open houses may have one sign in the yard during the open house, generally held on the third Sunday of each month.
    Contractor signs are NOT allowed.
    Political signs are allowed ninety (90) days prior and up to ten (10) days after any election.
    For more information, see the CLCA SIgn Policy.
  • What other types of vehicles are allowed?
    Golf carts with a valid CLCA window decal are allowed to be operated responsibly by drivers over the age of 14. Drivers aged 12-14 must participate in a Golf Cart safety class and carry a permit.
    ATV's, minibikes, go-carts, motor-assisted scooters or other unlicensed vehicles are not allowed to operate on our private streets or common areas.
  • When are the Community Open Houses?
    The Community Open House tour is generally held on the third Sunday of each month  from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Realtors and For Sale by Owners, please contact Nancy Jennison to participate.
  • When is Bulk Trash Pick Up?
    Bulk trash items must be out by 7:00 am on Monday of the pick up week, generally the second and fourth Monday of each month.  Please do not place bulk items out BEFORE Monday morning. Bulk items should be placed curbside, please do not put bulk trash on vacant lots or Common Areas. For questions or problems with bulk trash pick up, please contact the City of Rockwall - Utility Department at 972-771-7736.
  • When is regular garbage and recycle pick up?
    Keep garbage/trash in covered containers, not visible to neighboring properties (except on Tuesday and Friday collection days). Put trash by the street early morning the day of pick up. This includes recycling bins collected on Friday only.
  • Where do I send my monthly dues?
    You can mail your assessment payments with coupons to the Lock Box Service:
    Chandlers Landing Community Association
    P.O. Box 66518
    Phoenix, AZ 85082-6518
    Drop your payment in the CLCA Drop Box adjacent to the CLCA office or save time and money by signing up for Direct Debit. Visit the Make a Payment Page on this website to make a one time payment by E-Check or Credit Card or to set up recurring payments.
    Replacement Coupon Payment Booklets are $5.00, please contact the Association office at 972.771.1593.